Qualified and professional educators and performance facilitators.

Develop teamwork and leadership skills through activities and performances.

Self expression through drama, music, movement, art and magic.

Learn critical and imaginative thinking through improvisaton.

Build self-confidence and create lasting friendships and memories.

Improve communication skills that can be applied to real-life situations.

Drama School Bangkok

As Bangkok’s longest running drama school, we have run extracurricular activities at over 20 international schools in Bangkok, holiday drama programmes and birthday parties, as well. As part of every course, students will rehearse for an end of term production so that every individual has their chance to shine!

Creativity Takes Courage So We Encourage Creativity

We teach all aspects of theatrical performance, which include acting, singing, dancing and magic! We cater to the needs of all performers from pre-school to young adults, whether they are confident talents or reserved and shy.

Encouraging, Nurturing & Developing Young Dreamers

For 12 years, Curtain Up Drama & Magic has worked with dozens of local and international schools to provide unique and professional classes and performance experiences for students of all ages.

What We Offer

With a wide range of classes and workshops
we have something for everyone.

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Rebecca Petersen


“We hired Ms. Alex and her crew to manage my birthday party at my home for 25+ kids. From beginning to end, Ms. Alex was very hands-on ensuring every detail was covered. I got alot of feedback from parents saying how much fun their child had playing the games, doing the craft activities and performing a dance show.”

Amalee Mccoy


“Our 10 year old child has participated in four Curtain Up holiday camps over the past two years, and has thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Many thanks to the wonderful team at Curtain Up for their hard work and creativity! We would 100% recommend that you book an event with these guys, we guarentee you will not regret it.”

Our Team

The people that make Curtain Up Drama work

Alexandra Just


After studying Performing Arts in England, Alexandra moved to Bangkok where she has been teaching Drama for over 10 years.

She is a passionate educator and her love for her work is apparent to all that meet her. She infects her students with the same incredible energy. Her ‘Show In A Week’ drama camp concept has been a consistent smash hit in Bangkok, with children participating from over 40 of the international schools as well as attendees from out of town.

Miss Gabi

Lead Practitioner

Miss Gabi is a Thai-American spoken word poet. Planting and growing the poetry seed in Bangkok. She works with young children doing playgroups, storytelling, as well as theatre skills.

She uses storytelling, poetry, performance techniques, and heart-mind-somatic awareness to engage children in interactive, creative, imaginative play. She is also currently studying her Masters Degree program in Clinical Art Therapy.


Lead Practitioner

Eder is an energetic, cheerful and empathetic actor/teacher from Chile with more than 5 years experience teaching drama in China and Thailand.

With every class having a clear objective - COMMUNICATION SKILLS - Eder empowers kids to speak their minds, accept their bodies and voices, and use them to communicate effectively. His classrooms are always a safe space to have fun, build lifelong skills, and feel free!


Lead Facilitator

Litha hails from the Grass Roots of Africa, with over 10 years of experience in the music and theatre industry. He has performed and toured throughout Europe and his home country of South Africa, where he was awarded the highest Trinity College Mark in Performance Arts.

Litha's acting skills and musical technique are vibrant and fresh, and he brings a passion for creating an immersive and transformative experience through the magic of theatre and performance. He creates a safe and welcoming environment for participants to explore and express their true selves.


Teaching Assistant & Admin Queen

Thip is a superstar at Curtain Up! She's been part of our team for over 3 years and brings a ton of experience to the table. As a former TA, Thip knows just how to support and care for our kids, making them feel loved and confident.

Plus, she's a total administrative rockstar! We call her our "Admin Queen" because she keeps our office and team organized like nobody's business.


Vocal Coach & Facilitator

Emma is a Thai-Australian musical theatre performer and vocal coach. She emphasizes the importance of storytelling through the voice and body, guiding students to connect with the character and song on a deeper level. With personalized coaching on technique, diction, movement, and character interpretation.

Emma creates a supportive environment for students to explore their artistic potential. She has a wealth of experience working with young children and empowers aspiring performers to love who they are and have fun while developing their own unique styles.

Superchai (Mr. Boy)

Craft Master & all rounder!

Mr. Boy has been working for Curtain Up for a number of years, establishing himself as a crucial part of the team.

Mr. Boy is a jack of all trades who is always at hand to help with the needs of staff and children. He is well loved and believes art to be a vital part of a children's development.

Chan, Jaijam Wannapat

Vocal coach

Chan has had a passion for theatre since she was a little girl and has been an actor and vocal teacher for over 7 years. She graduated with First Honor in Musical Theater from Mahidol University.

Her energy and charisma makes her a valuable teacher, loved by her students and peers alike.

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